“This course is a gentle introduction to the method of mindfulness. I
gained a deeper awareness of how my (re)actions serve to increase or
dissipate the stress in my life, and many of my stress symptoms were
healed through the course. I am one step closer to accepting and loving
myself and the world exactly as we are, in all of our messy beauty.”

“One incredible outcome… I am more aware of
and inhabit the moments of joy in my life, instead of having those
moments melt into some vague disappointment. I feel like I am getting
more of the “juice” out of life, something that felt like it was missing

“I’m so glad I got to know you. Now I sometimes hear your voice reminding me to breath or to relax. Also all the poems are a wonderful gift…thank you so much!”

“This truly was a valuable course of study. Thank you, Nancy for being our guide. I cannot imagine the last two months without this class.”

Excellent course-very helpful for both my professional and personal life. Excellent instructor.”

“What I got from the class was increased awareness of sensations when stressed or upset and increased awareness of my patterns of communication. When I start to get irritated I try to stop, think about how important (or not!) it really is, and the irritation usually goes away. I’m trying to be more patient with people and react in a kinder way.”

“From the class I now have the ability to stop myself in the middle of a stressful situation and quietly pull myself together.”

“When I’m in transit to an appointment, I allow myself to not feel as rushed. When having a meltdown, I stop, regroup with a 3 minute moment.”

“I enjoyed the community and connection aspects of the class. The reminder that we’re all trying to improve our lives; no matter what stage of life we’re in.”

“I learned that my thoughts and feelings don’t control me as they used to. I’m more aware (and less tolerant) of the toll they take on me.”

“I now feel more aware of my surroundings and the joy of being where I am.”